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Why am I being tested?

Your provider may send a sample to BIOTAP Medical to determine the presence, absence, and/or levels of specific medications or substances in your system.  This important information will help your provider develop and maintain the safest, most effective treatment plan for you. In fact, the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences estimates that 60 to 70 percent of all decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis and treatment are based on laboratory test results.


When will my provider get the test results?

Depending on the tests ordered, BIOTAP Medical generally reports results within 48-72 hours of receiving the sample. Reports are sent directly to the ordering provider.


How can I request a copy of my report?

You may request a copy of your results from your provider.

Alternatively, you may print, complete, and sign the form below, then fax or mail it to us.  Please allow two weeks for BIOTAP to complete your request. 

Request a Copy of My Results


Who should I ask if I have questions about my test results?

Speak with your healthcare provider about your test results. Your provider is best equipped to answer your questions since he/she will be familiar with your overall health, medical history and treatment plans.


How can I be sure the results are accurate?

BIOTAP Medical meets all state and federal laboratory accreditation standards and follows all regulatory compliance guidelines. Our top priority is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results we provide.



Who pays for the testing?

BIOTAP Medical (VerraLab JA, LLC) will bill your insurance company for the laboratory testing services ordered by your provider. Coverage varies depending on your specific health insurance plan. You may have to satisfy certain financial requirements such as copayments, deductibles, and/or co-insurance amounts. Review your insurance plan guidelines and/or call your insurance company with specific questions.


If you are a patient without insurance, you will be billed in full by VerraLab JA, LLC (dba BIOTAP Medical) for the testing services ordered by your provider. (See the “financial

assistance” FAQ below for additional information on payment options.)


How will I know my insurance company has reviewed the claim?

Once your insurance company has reviewed the claim from BIOTAP Medical, you will receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) indicating how they processed the claim, what portion (if not 100%) they have paid, and whether you (the patient) have any financial responsibility for the remaining charges.


Why am I receiving a bill if the claim was sent to my insurance company?

If the insurance company reviews the claim for laboratory testing services and indicates that the patient is responsible for certain charges (or a percentage of those charges), you will receive a bill from VerraLab JA (dba BIOTAP Medical) via Laboratory Billing Solutions for that amount.  Please see the explanation of benefits (EOB) sent to you from your insurer for additional details. Please contact your insurance company with any questions.


Is financial assistance available through BIOTAP?

Yes.  You may complete a BIOTAP Medical financial assistance application to see if you qualify for one of our payment plans and/or a charge discount. Please contact the BIOTAP Medical Billing Department at 1.855.242.4520 to request an application.


Who do I call with questions about my bill?

If you have a question about how your insurance company processed or paid your bill, or what charges you now owe, please contact them. Their phone number should be listed on the back side or your insurance card.  For all other matters, please contact the BIOTAP Medical Billing Department at 1.855.242.4520. We would be happy to help!

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